A Motherboard Service Valasaravakkam defective or damaged laptop motherboard can display several problems. A faulty power supply is a major reason for damaging laptop motherboards. Power supply fluctuations and spikes can easily cause damage to your Laptop motherboard.

Motherboard Service Valasaravakkam

motherboard service valasaravakkam
motherboard service valasaravakkam

we are time and again faced with a number of issues associated with laptop motherboards including liquid damage faults.If you unfortunately have a motherboard problem, fear not, we supply the highest quality motherboards for many well known laptop brands and our team of specially trained technicians, who will use the best parts available and will get started fixing the issue.Please Contact our Local Suporrt 

Common Motherboard Problems

  • Laptop not turning on
  • No power at all / no signs of life
  • Bad failing BIOS chip
  • Blue Screen errors
  • Laptop shuts down randomly
  • Video display problems
  • Laptop components won’t work
  • Laptop acts unusually
  • Dead laptop computer
  • No display or dim display
  • Laptop freezing or hangs
  • Startup and shut down problems
  • Laptop screen distortion/discoloration