Broken Keyboard/keys Replacement

laptop service center valasaravakkam

Whether you’re dealing with a Acer keyboard /keys problem or a more complex issue, hardware services valasaravakkam have resources necessary to get your device working properly again 

Most keyboard faults are the consequence of accidental damage such as spilt liquids or excessive force. Whatever may be wrong with your laptop keyboard – missing keys, liquid damage, keys falling off or component failure we can diagnose and carry out a fast and economical repair

Common Problems are:-

  • Keyboard / touchpad is not working
  • Laptop keyboard keys are not working
  • Keys pressed do not match the characters on the screen
  • Touchpad / trackpoint is not working
  • Mouse cursor is moving intermittently on touchpad input
  • The cursor does not move smoothly
  • Cursor does not move at all
  • Mouse not working correctly
  • While typing, your cursor moves around unsteadily
  • Wireless mouse cursor has inconsistent movement or doesn’t move
  • Slow moving cursor
  • Laptop keyboard key has come off
  • Wireless mouse is slow to respond

Hardware services valasaravakkam specialist for:-

Laptop Liquid Spill Repair:-

Spilt that cup of coffee you so delicately placed on your desk? Yes?!
Well don’t worry, we here at  Laptop service center Valasaravakkam are experts at trying to save your device from permanent damage, or permanent loss of data due to a liquid spill. If you find you’ve spilt a liquid on your device please STOP whatever you are planning on doing, disconnect your device from its power source, remove the battery to prevent it

Laptop Power Jack Repair:-

If You find that your DC jack or laptop power jack (the place where you plug in your charger) is:
• Wobbly
• Damaged
• Burning/burnt smell
• Charges intermittently
• Only works in certain positions